A.M.S.T.E.C. (Aero-Mechanical Systems Technology Engineering Consulting) is a Sole Proprietorship Consulting Engineering Company, Established: 08 June 2000 Registration No: 4910188186, with the aim to perform Consulting Engineering in the following disciplines: 

Aeronautical, mechanical and marine engineering, jet and turbo-shaft propulsion, land-based gas turbine power generation, reciprocating and turbo-charged engines, manufacturing technology and special processes, mechanical and control systems design, performance upgrades and improvement of existing systems, systems engineering and integration, testing of propulsion and power generation systems, flight test engineering, verification, validation, certification, programme and projects management, quality engineering and quality systems implementation.

Future endeavours may include: transport, freight and logistics, imports and exports, protective coatings, fuels and lubricants, automotive maintenance repair and overhaul, training courses for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in mechanical and aeronautical engineering to ECSA standards.